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Contains or will contain a written and video description of what mountain bikes are capable of, plus a beginner level guide to mountain bikes and their components, wrapping up with help on getting an mtb that is cost effective and get you riding towards your goal.

Learn how to do a fit kit! Setting up your bike up to be ridden by you can provide greater transfer of power, agility and rider comfort. These adjustments need to be made to acheive your maximum effectiveness.

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Is there any more that can be said? The ONLY place you'll find this type of mountain bike training is at Discover Mountain Biking! Intuitive training methods start with the basics and progresses through advanced skills and techniques to take you to any level of mountain biking proficiency!

First-Timer and Beginner areas are more or less complete. Articles in Intermediate area are in progress. Unfortunately, there isn't any training video in these areas yet. As soon as the rain dies down and I find a partner to do some filming, it will be on the way.


Currently features excellent information for allergy sufferers on what causes your allergies, what the possible long term consequences might be, and suggests a solution that just might work REALLY WELL for you.

As time goes by, this area will feature information on a variety of subjects that are particularly relevent to the offroad cyclist or mountain biking enthusiast in general.